the grapefruit & mint collection is vegan & all natural and is formulated to stimulate healthy hair growth and moisturize dry, brittle hair.

ideal for all hair types even the kinkiest of hair textures

the grapefruit & mint collection contains 3 products:

- the grapefruit & mint hair growth oil, the grapefruit & mint hair growth butter and the grapefruit & mint hydrating leave-in conditioner

  • "The hair growth butter and oil works great on my myself and my toddlers hair. I love this stuff so much I encourage all my curly haired peeps to try it!"

    -Courtney D

  • "My go to twist product is Kinks hair care's hair butter and growth oil helps keep my hair moisturized and I'm noticing so much growth"

    -Justeen H

  • "I love the scent! Sometimes hair products smell too overpowering and triggers my allergies. I used it when doing soft locs on my hair. When I took the style out my hair was incredibly soft and moisturized. I also like the consistency, it’s light and airy."

    - Ra'Yana S