The Benefits of using a Satin Bonnet

The Benefits of using a Satin Bonnet

Are you struggling to maintain your frizz? Is your hair constantly dry? Having a hard time maintaining your hairstyles? This simple hair tool may be the solution.

Satin bonnets are similar to shower caps except instead of wearing them while you shower, you wear them while you sleep. Another difference is shower caps are made out of plastic to keep water out, bonnets are made out of a satin/polyester and/or silk fabric to keep moisture in. Their primary use is to protect the hair as you sleep. Some may wonder why does your hair need protection at night and not during the day? And what exactly are you protecting your hair from? Let's go into some detail.

Satin Bonnets Preserve Hair Styles

When people think of satin bonnets they tend to think that they only need to use them in order to preserve a hair style. Although it is true that it can keep your braids, silk press, and any style looking fresh for much longer. This amazing hair tool should not only be reserved for use on special occasions. Satin bonnets should be worn nightly no matter what hairstyle you are rocking, and here is why...

The Dangers of Cotton Pillowcases

Cotton pillowcases are soft and comfy, however, they are not so kind to your curls. Cotton is known for absorbing moisture from the hair while you sleep. Also cotton is not a gentle fabric for hair due to the constant friction that can be caused as you roll around throughout the night; this can cause frizz and breakage. When you're hair breaks off if prevents you from retaining length/seeing hair growth. The components of the satin bonnet fabric allows for your hair to smoothly glide against the bonnet while you sleep ensuring that it is not causing any damage to your hair strands. If length retention is a goal for you then wearing a satin bonnet nightly ensures that you're not harming your hair while you sleep. Curly and coils hair is more prone to breakage than straight hair so wearing a bonnet to sleep helps prevent any hair damage caused by friction.

Prevents Moisture Loss

As mentioned above cotton is not a curl's best friend, additionally cotton is a fabric that absorbs moisture almost like a sponge. So as you sleep any product that you have in your hair will get lost in your pillow. In order to ensure that all of that hydration and moisture you just spent so much time adding during your wash day; stays in your hair, the satin bonnet can do that for you.

Ready to give your hair the TLC it deserves? Invest in a satin bonnet today and experience the difference firsthand. Say goodbye to frizz, breakage, and morning hair woes. Shop now and wake up to healthier, more manageable hair every day!"




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